The Emperor Maximilian Diamond

emperor maximilian diamond

As a sister article to the blog post about the Maximilian Diamond, HERE, the Emperor Maximilian is a 41.94 carat cushion cut diamond, first known of in Brazil in the mid 19th century. As discussed in the other blog post, both stones first come onto the scene in the 1860s, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria travelled

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About the word Jewellery


A short blog post today, about a wonderful piece of background to the origins of the word jewellery! Sometimes it is so easy to use a word and never stumble across its roots. Jewellery is one of the most personal things we possess, typically received as a gift, or perhaps to mark an important occasion

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The Maximilian Diamond


While many diamonds are supposedly cursed, very few have as unfortunate a history as the Maximilian Diamond. The story takes us from the jungles of Brazil to a New York City Dump. It first comes onto the scene in the 1860s, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria travelled to Brazil. He was the younger brother of

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Cantillework Necklace

georgian brooch (1) - Copy (1)

The Georgians were a very fickle society, with the fashion for jewellery constantly changing; in 1774, drop earrings were a must have, but scarcely three months later no earrings were to be worn. By the start of the 19th century, earrings had grown to three inches long! In 1790 gold wirework, or “Cantillework” came into

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koh i noor large

One of the most famous diamonds in the world, it was believed that whoever owned the Koh-i-Noor rules the world. It is currently set into the crown worn by the female consort to the Monarch of the UK, and is currently on display in the Tower of London. The known facts of the stone date

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Cartier Royal Pearl

full image royal pearl

Pearls have had a long history within Royal families, and were once believed to be drops of moonlight that fell into the sea and were eaten by oysters, or to be tears of angels fallen to earth. They have been collected by man for as long as people have gathered oysters. Large pearls of good

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faberge eggs

Fabergé is one of the most iconic names in 20th century jewellery, his eponymous enamelled eggs are among the rarest items in the world, with most in museums or private collections. Gustav Fabergé founded the business in 1844, setting up in a basement shop in St. Petersburg’s fashionable Bolshaia Morskaiait. However it was his son, Karl,

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The Queen of Holland Diamond

queen of holland diamond

One of the largest flawless D colour diamonds known, the Queen of Holland diamond is a stunning 135 carat cushion cut diamond, cut into its present shape in 1904. The stone is named after Queen Wilhemina of Holland, who reigned from 1890 until 1948. Nothing is known of its history prior to its arrival in

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The Wittlesbach Diamond


The Wittlesbach diamond is a 36 carat modified cushion cut blue stone, first recorded in 1664 in the dowry of the Spanish Infanta, who married Emperor Leopold in 1667. This timescale leads us to believe that the stone is Indian in origin. The diamond’s cut has been described as a stellar brilliant, due to the

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The Tiffany Diamond

tiffany diamond schlumberger

The 128 carat Tiffany diamond is one of the most famous large gemstones in the world, and has its regular home in a display case inside Tiffany and Co’s 5th Avenue store in New York. Discovered in 1877/8, in South Africa, the rough weighed 287 carats. At the time it was the largest yellow diamond

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