Monthly Archives: January 2011

How to read Irish silver maker’s marks

Irish silversmiths have to register with the Dublin assay office, and submit an example of their maker’s mark; this allows one to research who made a particular piece, and when. Many records were lost during the civil war, but various researchers have assembled lists of makers, giving us an almost comprehensive list of all the […]

Golconda Diamonds

The name “Golconda” leaves even experienced diamond dealers struggling to describe the beauty and magnificence that these stones exhibit. They are among the whitest and purest diamonds in the world, and are incredibly rare. The Golconda region is in small corner of India, near the region of Hyderabad. For many years, until discoveries in Brazil […]


Sapphires have been known and loved by people for thousands of years. The Ancient Greeks believed that the world’s first ring contained a sapphire. Rulers of Ancient Persia believed that the sky had been painted blue by the reflection of sapphires. Others wore it for protection while travelling. They have a life and depth of […]