A Blog Posting from a Customer

This is a lovely article from a customer of my grandfather’s in 1949, who came back to visit us!

Memory Lane

There once was a fine young couple who wanted to pledge their love to each other by joining in marriage. Post war ravaged Belfast in 1949 was rebuilding but had little in the way of jewellers shops so at the recommendation of friends, they embarked on a trip to Dublin to search for the perfect ring at a jewellers just off Grafton Street. Weldons, a family run operation, set up Molly & Austin with a beautiful five diamond engagement ring. The couple was happy and in 1951 were married.

The subsequent years passed with much activity: immigrating to Edmonton Alberta Canada, raising four children, building a new life including three new homes, organizing grown children’s weddings, welcoming four beautiful grandchildren, experiencing both happiness and loss. The engagement ring had adventures also. One of the diamonds fell out and a Canadian jeweller persuaded Mom to reset the other gems using only three and putting the other two into earrings to match. The new setting for the ring was created however the two diamonds never did become earrings since Molly prefers necklaces and rings. The ring continued to be worn every day even after 1998 when Austin passed after battling cancer to his last breath.

At 86 years of age, Molly wanted to return home to Belfast to spend time with her sister and extended family so her granddaughter and daughter accompanied her to assist with all that an aging woman may need for such a trip. As the three weeks was nearing an end, Molly asked to return to Dublin to walk Grafton Street and to see if the little jewellers’ shop was still ‘there’. The pace along the busy street was leisurely and Molly’s eye was on the shop windows. However as the bottom of Grafton was in view, Molly directed the trio to turn down a narrow lane. They walked halfway down the block and there one shop off the corner of Clarendon Street was Weldons of Dublin.

The shop is still run by the same family and Molly enjoyed retelling the tale to the Weldons staff of traveling down on the train from Belfast to buy the engagement ring a life time ago. Everyone was lost in the memory, the delight of learning about the history of one of their rings was evident on faces and Molly was caught in a walk down memory lane. Years melt away and the beauty of youth returned for this treasured moment.