Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Beau Sancy Diamond

Although I find myself saying this a lot, the Beau Sancy must surely be one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, a perfect combination of technical skill, artistic beauty, impeccable provenance and documented history. A modified pear shape double rose cut diamond, with the facets centred on an eight sided star, it weighs […]

Victorian Diamond Jewellery

19th century England was very much the centre of the diamond world, primarily due to the extent of the British Empire. Queen Victoria was Empress of India, where most of the world’s most famous diamonds originated, and South Africa was to become one of the major sources of rough diamonds from the 1860s onwards. The […]

The Alnatt Diamond

The Alnatt is a 102 carat cushion cut diamond, named after its first known owner, Major Alfred Alnatt. It probably originated from South Africa, as most of the important yellow diamonds in the world come from there. Major Alnatt was a soldier, benefactor, sportsman and patron of the arts. He paid what was then a world […]