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Gemstone Photography

Every piece of jewellery is a work of art. Time was spent designing, creating and finishing each and every piece of jewellery in the shop. We do not sell mass-produced jewellery, so every item has a story and a history. Below are some photos of close-ups of rings or gemstones, and some thoughts about each. […]

Jewellery Eras

Oftentimes it can be hard to place the exact age of a piece of jewellery, as styles evolved slowly and organically over time. In a world without mass media, the diffusion and mixing of ideas and patterns was a slow and irregular process. Nonetheless, we can divide most jewellery into a few broad categories over […]

Antique Ring Restoration

An interesting recent project was a restoration of a sapphire and diamond three stone ring; over 100 years old, the claws had worn away, and the sapphire had become scratched. Although sapphires are exceptionally strong and tough, over a lifetime they can become scratched. In this case, long time wearing had scratched all of the […]

The Alnatt Diamond

The Alnatt is a 102 carat cushion cut diamond, named after its first known owner, Major Alfred Alnatt. It probably originated from South Africa, as most of the important yellow diamonds in the world come from there. Major Alnatt was a soldier, benefactor, sportsman and patron of the arts. He paid what was then a world […]

The Vladimir Tiara

One of the most beautiful Royal tiaras in Europe, and certainly the one with the most interesting provenance, is the Vladimir Tiara, originally from Russia, and now the property of Queen Elizabeth II. Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna was the aunt of Tzar Nicholas II, and wife of the Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich. Her most spectacular […]

The Colenso Diamond

The Colenso Diamond is an uncut octahedral 133 carat diamond, found in South Africa in 1883, (most likely in the De Beers mine). It was one of the earliest notable large diamonds found there. The story of how it was found is most tragic; a storekeeper South Africa left his shop and went into the […]

The Brunswick Blue Diamond

One of the more mysterious diamonds in history, the story of the Brunswick Blue is an intriguing one, with unusual gaps in the story and tantalising links to one of the most famous diamonds in the world! The backstory begins with the French Blue, a 115 carat rough diamond of a most wonderful metallic-blue shade. It […]

Diamond Books Everyone Should Own!

We have a wonderful collection of research books at Weldon’s, including some of the most beautiful publications in the world. Here is a quick look inside some of our favourites! They cover everything from the technical aspects and nuances of diamond grading, to the art and beauty of jewellery as fashion items. A few are […]

The Man who Stole the Crown Jewels

One of the most audacious jewel thefts in history happened in 1671, when an Irishman called Thomas Blood attempted to steal the crown jewels from the Tower of London. Blood was a Meathman, born there in 1618, the son of a prosperous blacksmith. He fought against Charles I, and was awarded a large estate in […]