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Articles, photos and hints & tips about diamonds and precious gemstones. This section includes articles about historic diamonds, updates from the world of gemmology, and an occasionally geeky focus on the chemistry of diamonds

Diamond clarity

Determining the clarity of a diamond Diamonds are commonly graded according to “The 4 C’s”; these are Colour, Cut, Carat and Clarity. Clarity refers to the degree of purity if the diamond, specifically whether or not there are “flaws” in the diamond. A diamond of high clarity will have few or no “flaws”, a diamond […]


Sapphires have been known and loved by people for thousands of years. The Ancient Greeks believed that the world’s first ring contained a sapphire. Rulers of Ancient Persia believed that the sky had been painted blue by the reflection of sapphires. Others wore it for protection while travelling. They have a life and depth of […]