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Inside gemstones

When you are looking through the microscope at a gemstone, there are some many beautiful things to see. These inclusions and characteristics that you can see tell you a lot about the stone; some tell you where it formed, or if it is natural or man-made. Some tell you about the condition of the piece. […]

A brief history of Diamonds

Diamond crystals have been worn and admired since at least as far back as Roman times. They were worn in rings as status symbols and charms. At the time, however, they were not the sparkly objects we know today, but were left in their natural state; this was because of the belief that they would lose their magical properties […]

Glossary of Jewellery Terms

Here is a few of the terms that jewellers and gemmologists use, and their meanings: A jour: a type of setting which allows light to enter the pavilion of a faceted stone Adularescence: The appearance of a floaty, billowy light in cabochon gemstones, or a stationary sheen on the flat surface of a stone Ajouré: […]