Here at Weldon’s of Dublin we enjoy being able to provide a depth of information and knowledge which is impossible to find elsewhere. Sometimes there is as much enjoyment to be had in researching a piece, and learning about the location and times it was made in; jewellery is a very accurate barometer of the social weather of the era it was made in. For example, after the hardship of the first world war, jewellery that was made in the 1920s is often vibrant and exuberant, bright and brilliant, while items from the 1940s will be most often made of silver, as platinum and gold were in short supply. The evolution of diamond cutting over the years is itself a fascinating journey, from the early rough cuts of the 17th century to the precision of Marcel Tolkowsky’s study of cut in 1919, which has been the template used for the last 95 years. But it is always worth remembering that diamond is more than merely a combination of certain factors, it is a work of art, meant to stir the imagination and take your breath away a little bit every time you see it! Below are resources to help with learning about choosing a diamond, famous and historic diamonds, vintage jewellery and precious stones.

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