Emerald Rings

We have a beautiful collection of vintage and modern emerald rings, suitable for all occasions.

For almost all of history, emeralds have been cherished and loved by people. It is thought that the ancient Egyptians were mining emeralds as long ago as 3500-3000BC. The ancient Romans were thought to have an emerald mine in the Alps, but if they did, it was a very minor source. Indeed, until the Spanish Conquistadors discovered the abundant supplies of emeralds in South America in the 16th century, most emeralds came from Egypt.

Most people are in general agreement that the most important factor in an emerald is colour- one wants to see a rich, vibrant green, not too dark, and not too pale. All other things being equal, it is a combination of the hue, tone and saturation of colour which will determine the value of an emerald.

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